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What is Linux?

Linux is an open source operating system. It was developed collaboratively. This means no one company is completely responsible for its development or ongoing support. Numerous companies participate in the Linux research and development. They share costs with their partners and competitors. This spreading of the burden of development burden amongst individuals and companies has resulted in a large and efficient ecosystem. It is essentially an unheralded software innovation.

Is Linux better than Windows?

This has been an ongoing question. Because Linux and Windows differ in cost, versatility and stability, one cannot say that Linux is better, just different. Each has its uses and each is adapted differently to different situations.

Why use Linux?

  • Price
    Linux software is free of cost.

  • Security
    Fewer viruses and computer infections:  Because of the server-client relationship architecture,  it is more difficult for a virus to do any damage.

  • Upgrades
    Systems are updated frequently with new features and support for new hardware.

  • Customization
    There are thousands of applications and software available at no cost.

  • Free Support
    If the user is proficient with computer operating systems, support is available from the community of Linux users. It is also available through web-based forums and Instant Messaging.

Why use a Consultant?

  • To install and keep a Linux system working at its optimum efficiency.

  • To help train the user to become accustomed to Unix type commands for when work needs to be done.

  • To provide help and experience with installation of programs.

  • To tighten Linux security to prevent any malicious attempts to gain access to your system.

  • To provide true "User Friendly" support. User friendly is relative. Much Linux software is designed for users who already have some basic skills in place. Not all distributions are the easiest to administer changes to. A select few have graphical interfaces for their administration.

  • To provide a trusted, local, on-site presence that is available when you need it most - in English, 24/7, via remote log-in or phone. Linux support forums can provide answers, but ACM Consulting can help you solve the problem in a timely manner.




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