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About ACM Consulting Co.

Frank J. Mogavero, Jr. started his computer career in the early 1990's while attempting to write his own operating system. He started learning assembly language and C programming. He soon realized he would require a firm understanding of the architecture he was developing on, the x86 processor. Even though countless documents about the 80x86 processor were available for Frank on the Internet, he chose instead to learn by taking apart Linux. And thus began his colorful journey with Linux.

Since those days, Frank has grown his Linux knowledge. He has implemented a number of solutions for various Linux problems for many companies. Until recently, Frank hadn't considered going at it on his own. However, he sees a great opportunity for companies to reduce their server maintenance, their IT costs, and, ultimately, their bottom line by implementing open source software solutions - otherwise thought of as free software. It is with this idea that Frank started ACM Consulting Co.

ACM Services:

New Linux Installs
We'll install your new Linux system from the ground up. We work primarily with these flavors of Linux:

Arch Linux

Linux Upgrades
Have you kept your systems up to date? We'll upgrade your current Linux servers/desktops as far as you'd like or as far as we can.

Linux Documentation
Do you have a mystery server? For that server buried in the back closet - the one that you don't quite remember how is configured or what it's doing -  we're here to help. We'll investigate your servers and will provide whatever types of documentation to make it useful to your company.

Linux Training
Do you have Linux servers and a team not fully up to speed?  We provide basic Linux training for small groups to help get folks up to speed on Linux.

Linux Machine Maintenance
Are you concerned about your Linux machine? Let us help. We can tune it, clean it, and work it back into the machine you once knew.

Custom Linux Projects
Such things as firewalls, spam filters, and other projects not yet thought of.




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